Period 7 and Pre-Modern classes

Period 7 and Pre-Modern classes

With the introduction of the Period 7 class into the Historic Road Racing matrix the PCRA committee wishes to welcome all new and existing races to this new class.

The PCRA will continue to run a transition period for this at club level only, as we understand the time and difficulties in acquiring a log book. ie the PCRA will run both classes
for 2024 in Interclub events.

Updating to Period 7

If you have a Pre-Modern machine and wish to update to Period 7, you will need to apply for a logbook with MA.

Applications and information are on the MA website:

Get onto it now.

Pre-Modern Unlimited at PCRA Interclub events

The PCRA, as a whole, wants to see people enjoying the bikes they love and are passionate about, seeing and hearing the race bikes that enthusiasts create.

As there is no Period 7 equivalent to the Pre-Modern Unlimited class (1001cc to 1300cc) we will continue to run these as Pre-Modern Unlimited and under the new name of Pre-Modern Beasts (a club level class) into the future, under the existing PCRA Pre-Modern rules, including the date of manufacture limits (1.1.1991 – 31.12.1997).

State and National Title events.

If you wish to race in a P7 title event, such as the NSW State titles in August, you will need to have a log book in your possession, as per the MoMS. It will be required for scrutineering. Get your Log Book application going. Start today. Start now.

If your race bike is Log Booked for Period 7, enter Period 7.
If you are waiting for your log book to be returned, enter Pre Modern.
If you haven’t applied for a log book, enter Pre Modern.
Pre-Modern Unlimited (1300) will continue for machines between 1001cc & 1300cc under the name ‘Pre Modern Beasts’.

For all enquiries please email

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