How do I join the PCRA?

You can join PCRA online via Ridernet. Click Here to take you to the Ridernet site.

How much does it cost?

$60.00 for new members, $0.00 Associate Members & $60 for renewals. ALL MEMBERSHIPS EXPIRE ON THE 31ST OF DECEMBER EACH YEAR.

Who can I contact at the PCRA?

If you have any type of enquiry, please  Email Us & someone will get in touch with you.

Do I need to be a club member to race?

To compete in the PCRA Championship yes you need to be a member of the PCRA. Predominately our races are open to PCRA and ALMCC members only. For some race meetings we may invite other clubs.

What type of helmet do I need?

Helmets come in a range of prices and styles. Helmets that comply with the Australian standard can be as cheap as $150 and are very adequate for the job. It all depends on your budget, but whatever you get make sure that it is comfortable and fits well.

Remember after every crash you should have your helmet checked & replaced if necessary. All helmets are checked for damage before racing begins.

What type of leathers do I require?

You will need leathers and a back protector.

Leathers can be ‘hand made’ or off the rack, depending on your budget and can be either one or two piece. Second hand leathers are accepted as long as they don’t have any holes or rips in them. Many riders use two piece leathers, which must zip together at the waist.

All leathers must have additional padding/protection at the elbows, shoulders, knees and torso.

Are road boots okay to race in?

Most motorcycle road boots are okay to use as long as they are in good condition & constructed of leather or similar durable material with no rips/tears or holes in them. Boots must also have some form of ankle and calf protection.

What type of gloves can I use?

Gloves need to be of leather or material of similar durability. Look for a set with additional knuckle protection such as hard plastic or carbon fibre. Gloves that comply can cost as little as $50 or hundreds of dollars.

What is a back protector?

A back protector is an overlapping ‘armadillo’ type shield for your spine & is a must to have if you wish to race.

How do I get a licence to race?

Firstly, you need to become a member of a Motorcycling Australia affiliated club, such as the PCRA. Then you need to complete a Licensed Theory Test which is downloadable from the MNSW website, you will also find instructions on how to complete the test. Once you have completed the theory test, mail this together with proof of your club membership, appropriate fee & your MNSW license Application Form to MNSW for processing. A new license will be posted to you.

Where do I get my Race Entry & Supplementary Regulations?

Race entries & Supplementary Regulations are now posted on the Ridernet  website. Once available, an email is usually sent to members and a post created on the PCRA Facebook page. Note that you must provide an email address with your membership application or renewal to receive these emails.

Entries need to be completed & returned before the cut off date or late entry fees may apply.

If you do not have an email address and would prefer to receive Entries by post, you must notify us that you wish to have them sent out via Australia Post.

What do I need to start racing?

You need to make sure that you have all your official documentation in order such as, club membership, race licence, race entry & historic log book if required.

Safety gear such as, back protector, gloves, racing or two piece leathers that zip together at the waist, racing/road boots and a helmet that meets the required Australian standard. All this gear will be checked at riders sign on prior to racing beginning.

A bike, try and select something that is within your riding ability, is relatively cheap & reliable.

What do I need to do to get my bike ready?

For a full and detailed list of things that need to be done to a bike prior to racing check the MA website and look at the Manual of Motorcycle Sport sections 15 & 16. Or send an online enquiry through the website.

What do I do at my first race meeting?

Arrive at the track bright and early at 7am. Get unpacked and look for sign on & scrutineering locations. Sign on early with the Race Secretary, usually in the Race Control Tower. Get your riding gear checked & collect a programme, you must wear your leathers and back protector when getting your gear checked.

Get your bike to scrutineering early to avoid a rush. Check your fuel. Go to the riders briefing & listen to the instructions & sign the attendance sheet. Let the organisers know that you are new and collect a novice vest. There may also be a novice riders briefing. Enjoy yourself!

How do I start racing with PCRA?

You need to have a race licence from MA (Motorcycling Australia) www.ma.org.au.

To apply for a MA licence you need to belong to an affiliated club. If you don’t already belong to an affiliated club, you should join PCRA. When applying for your MA licence, you will need to complete an open book test and provide your club membership details.


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