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Although we are often referred to by various names such as volunteers, officials, flaggies, trackies, marshals, race officials or event officials they are all one and the same. In all cases it is everyday people that volunteer their time and energy to help the Club run their race meetings. If you want to know more, please read on.

If you wish to register your name as a volunteer race official then please fill in the details at the bottom of the page and submit.

If you just have a few questions you would like to ask before lodging your details you can send an email to racesecretary@pcra.com.au

Our Race Officials are the many wonderful people who volunteer their time to contribute to running a successful race meeting for our Club. It takes a minimum of at least 50 volunteers a day to run an event so we do need lots of them. Many of us have been volunteering for a very long time at many events so we are very experienced and willing to help you.

PCRA are very lucky to have a very proficient and fun bunch of officials that have known each other for many years and enjoy working at the events together and meeting new faces to bring in to the their over 30 years.

You do not need any experience or accreditation (Officials Licence) to be a volunteer Race Official at our events, however there are some basic requirements you need to be able to do:-

  • To get yourself to and from the various circuits each day of an event
  • To be available the whole day at the circuit from 7am to 5 or 5:30pm
  • Trackside Officials need to be at least 16 years of age.
  • Although it is extremely unlikely our Duty of Care is to check you are physically competent to move a short distance quickly and independently if required.
  • Although it is extremely unlikely our Duty of Care is to check you are competent to be able to decide swiftly that you need to move quickly.

As a volunteer Race Official for our Club, we will provide you with:

  • free entry to the circuits for our events
  • a small esky with cold water, fruit and morning snacks
  • your lunch – a fresh meat salad – the usual dietary options are available
  • as much bottled water as you need
  • a Gift Voucher to help with your petrol costs

There is on the job training and support by some very experienced officials.

The majority of new officials will be initially allocated to a position as a flag marshal as this is the easiest and least active position to introduce you to a race event.

Being a trackside race official is the best position to see all the racing up close.

There are many positions for Race Officials at various events which include:

  • Flag Marshals – these are also referred to as trackside officials
  • Grid Marshals
  • Recovery Teams
  • Scrutineers
  • Pit Exit
  • Starter

The progression from flag marshal to some of the other positions may be possible after some suitable training and experience which is the responsibility of the Chief Marshal. 

Commencing 2021 the PCRA Club Championship event are classified as National Open (Level 3 events) for Historic Road Racing.

Should you wish to advance your Officials Accreditation then being an official at the PCRA events will assist your progression.

MNSW Officials

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