Round 1 for 2021 – Classes and Program

Round 1 for 2021 – Classes and Program


Entries will open in Ridernet on 16th January 2021 and close In Ridernet at 12pm on 6th February 2021.

*Late entries will not be accepted.


P4: P4 125, P4 126-350, P4 500, P4 750, P4 1300
P5: P5 125, P5 126-350, P5 350, P5 500, P5 750, P5 1300
P6: P6 250GP, P6 250Production, P6 500, P6 750, P6 1300,
Pre-Modern: Pre Modern 250GP, Pre Modern Supersport, Pre Modern Superbike, Unlimited, F3
Motolite, Superlite and Commuterlite
Sidecars: P3, P4, P5, P6, Modern F1, Modern F2

Please Note:
*P6 125 no longer has a separate class and they are to enter in the P6 250 GP class.
*Pre-Modern Supersport can cross-enter in Pre-Modern Superbike class.
*Pre-Modern Superbike can cross-enter in Pre-Modern Unlimited class.
*Pre-Modern F3 and Pre-Modern 250GP can cross enter in Pre-Modern Supersport.

P6 250 Production bikes can only cross-enter in to the 250 Production Cross Entry class.
Once entries are closed the Promoter will divide entries in the 250 Production Cross Entry class by allocating the faster riders to Division 1 for inclusion to P6 500 class and the slower riders to the Division 2 for inclusion to P6 250 GP class providing sufficient positions are available in those races. These competitors will be advised of their cross-entry event allocation in Final Instructions.
In the event of insufficient space in a race the cross entries will be eliminated first, in order of last entry received.

To constitute a class for the purpose of gaining a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on a race day event or points for the PCRA 2021 Club Championship the number of contestants entered and competing in each class shall be six. (6)
Should there be insufficient entries in any class of competition, the decision to run or cancel the class, or to combine events and re-distribute any awards, will be at the discretion of the Post Classic Racing Association of NSW Inc., subject to Motorcycling NSW approval.
Should a race be oversubscribed, the PCRA reserves the right to place the excess riders on a reserve list, split the class to Division 1 and Division 2 or amend the classes within a race. The oversubscribed riders may be placed on the reserve list in order of receipt of entry. Adjusted entries will be advised to those competitors via Final Instructions.

Q1Commuterlite, Superlite, Motolite, P4 125, P5 12510 mins
Q2P4 1300, P5 1300, P6 1300 PM Supersport, PM Unlimited10 mins
Q3P4 126-350, P5 126-350, P6 250GP Pre Modern 250GP10 mins
Q4SIDECARS P3, P4, P5, P6 Modern F1, Modern F210 mins
Q5P4 750, P5 750, P6 750, PM Superbike10 mins
Q6P6 250 Production10 mins
Q7P4 500, P5 500, P6 500, PM F310 mins
R1,8,15Commuterlite, Superlite, Motolite, P4 125, P5 1256 LAPS
R2,9,16P4 1300, P5 1300, P6 1300 PM Supersport, PM Unlimited6 LAPS
R3,10,17P4 126-350, P5 126-350, P6 250GP Pre Modern 250GP6 LAPS
R4,11,18SIDECARS P3, P4, P5, P6 Modern F1, Modern F26 LAPS
R5,12,19P4 750, P5 750, P6 750, PM Superbike6 LAPS
R6,13,20P6 250 Production6 LAPS
R7,14,21P4 500, P5 500, P6 500, PM F36 LAPS


Gates Open6:00am
Rider Sign on6:30am
Transponder collection6:30am
RacingAfter Qualifying session 7
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