MNSW: Have your say on EC

MNSW: Have your say on EC

Have your say – Eastern Creek Motor Sports Precinct Vision and Indicative Masterplan

Over the past 18 months Motorcycling NSW has been working hard to push for a long-term secure home for our sport in the Sydney area. One that provides for future development and is available and affordable for club and member use. Today marks a significant step forward with that project and for the whole of motorsport, at all levels, in Sydney and NSW.

Greater Sydney Parklands has prepared this Masterplan to guide the future development and operation of the Eastern Creek Motor Sports Precinct. The Masterplan has been prepared in consultation with a range of stakeholders between 2019 – 2021, including NSW Office of Sport, existing operators within the Precinct, Motorsport Australia, Motorcycling NSW and a range of motorsport clubs. View and read the masterplan here:

This 50-year vision explores opportunities to enhance the Precinct to cater for more users from club level motorsports, karting, motorcycling and various non-motorsport users. Potential enhancements include exploring the potential of expansion into adjoining land, sharing infrastructure and coordinating events across multiple uses.

The final draft masterplan has considered feedback including:

  • More activities for club level motor sports, karting, motorcycling, and non-motor sport users.
  • Co-operation and collaboration between clubs and various motorsport codes.
  • Access to the precinct for the general community across non-motorsport activities.
  • Increasing club level participation to allow activation throughout the year encouraging community participation.
  • The potential to partner with universities and companies to perform research and development.
  • Intergeneration inclusion within the precinct by creating a space where older members can mentor younger juniors.

The Vision and Indicative Masterplan for the Eastern Creek Motor Sports Precinct establishes a long-term plan to enhance Sydney’s motorsport offering and position the Precinct as a world class motorsport destination. You now have the chance to submit comments, questions and suggestions.

To have your say, please visit: 

Submissions close 20th August

It should be noted that this is a preliminary document that captures many of the ideas and needs that are necessary for the existing precinct to grow beyond just the three current leaseholders.  

Critically, it aims to highlight the role that non-commercial, grassroots motorsports activity plays in sustaining engagement and growing the sport. 

Importantly, motorcycle clubs and MNSW, have provided key inputs into the plan, informing the three recommendations featured in the report.  As such, the recommendations provide the cornerstone for the next step in achieving a Precinct Masterplan that will foster sustainability and growth of the sport overall, vitally pivoting off of grassroots level motorsport.

We encourage our members to engage in the consultation, in particular provide comments, suggestion and questions around the three recommendations provided in the plan (p35).  In particular:

Recc #1: Club Zone:

  • For motorcycles, this won’t to replace what activity currently is undertaken at Horsley Park, although some of what happens there could be undertaken in the new Club Zone.  Most importantly, it will provide a long term base for junior and development activity.
  • It will require some form of governance (management and coordination): there is a view that this should be at  club or organising body (Motorcycling NSW, Motorsport Australia) level, and NOT a commercially oriented operator.
  • The Club Zone needs to be part of a bigger forward looking plan where riders can progress onto track and facilities of a larger scale (refer recc #3)  

Recc #2: Precinct Governance:

  • Stakeholders highlighted the need for, and benefit from, a coordinated, collaborative, whole of precinct approach to use and development of the precinct. Existing leases cannot be modified, and regardless, each leaseholder has commercial imperatives they need to work to. The impact of this is that club level access is limited by either or both available times (high demand for track space means availability is limited) and affordability
  • If additional land is secured for motorsport, or the little remaining land is repurposed, there is a need to avoid replicating the scarcity/cost challenges of existing facilities. A Working Committee comprising not just the leaseholders but Office of Sport and State/National organising bodies who are vested in club level sustainability and pathway development will be critical

Recc #3: Adjacent lands:

  • There are three tranches of waste reclamation sites that provide scope for growth. If these are allocated to other non-motorsport use, it will constrain the growth of the precinct, and limit the ability to leverage the significant investment government has already made in road racing, dragway and speedway specialist facilities.   
  • If thoughtfully planned, these areas could accommodate the right scale of karting, bike, shared bike and kart, and road racing courses.
  • The size and scale of the potential operations would provide an attractive proposition for corporate presence (manufacturer testing, specialist customer facilities) to fund and sustain operations and maintenance.
  • Progressing the investigation of the feasibility of securing and activating these lands is critical.

Please help us and the sport you love by having your say 

Submissions close 20th August

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