COVID Safe Competition


PCRA Championship – Round 2


Although protocols and regulations for COVID-19 and sport will be reviewed periodically for the foreseeable future we have instigated the following conditions with what we know today:

  • Temperature checks will be completed at the gate for every person who wishes to enter the venue. This is completed by a licenced Paramedic from the circuit Medical Team.

  • Entry to the circuit will be restricted to ticket only. The Club will issue all tickets (Eventbrite) via email. Make sure your Ridernet email address is current.

  • No Spectators allowed.

  • Each rider will receive 2 (two) tickets only, being a “Competitor” ticket and a “Pit Crew” ticket.

  • Bring your own pen.

  • At this stage we have allowed One Event Licences, however, depending on conditions we may not be allowed to honour that. If you don’t have a current MA race licence then now is a good time to get one organised.

  • Sign on process is yet to be determined, but it will need to be completed. To ensure the legalities are covered we need to “sight” you signing on, at this stage.

  • Scrutineering process is yet to be determined. Under MA rules there is no “self scrutineering” allowed for this race event. The Scrutineering process will be issued in the Final Instructions, or as soon as we can finalise details with SMSP.

  • The Rider Briefing will be sent with the Final Instructions. There will be no ‘gathering” for a riders Briefing however you will still be required to “sign” for attendance/reading of the document. This may be incorporated with the morning sign-on process. Again, once we have firm directions from SMSP we will advise you of the processes.

  • Gates open 6:00am, sign-on (process and location to be advised) will commence at 6:30am. Scrutineering process is scheduled to start at 6:45am.

  • Limit 8 people per pit bay, so 4 bikes in most cases. Garages aren’t being allocated so far, but that may change.

  • No wandering around or visiting other pit bays. You will be confined to your pit pay, except for leaving for your event, to purchase food at the Café and going to the toilet block nearest to your pit bay.

  • Timing and grids positions will only be available electronically.

  • No you cant go up to the roof to watch racing.

  • We will have some COVID Safety Marshalls on hand for supervising activity at the venue. You must obey any instructions issued by them.

  • Anyone not complying with the requirements for COVID safety will probably be sent home and excluded from the meeting by the Clerk of Course.

  • There have already been a number of successful ride days and bike coaching days completed at the circuit so processes are already established for those events. So far only race events for cars have been conducted at this circuit so new protocols and processes have been tested and passed. However conditions can change daily so we need to ensure we stay current and adapt with the changes.


Stay tuned and we will advise further details as they are available.

June 24 2020:

Good news that competition in NSW can re-start on 1st July 2020, however it will not be as before COVID but with new protocols in place.

It is important that all personnel understand and actively practice social distancing and hygiene protocols.  

Attached are documents from both Sport NSW and Motorcycling Australia designed to assist with the structure for competition event days to ensure we are doing all we can to stay Covid safe. 





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